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The Spectrum Piano

Something really new, an acoustic synthesizer!

Yes, it's for real. This is an acoustic instrument, with no speakers or pickups or audio outputs, that has the sonic power of a conventional electronic synthesizer. This track, recorded of course with a microphone suspended over the Spectrum Piano, perhaps best shows off its abilities as an acoustic synthesizer. All sounds (except windchimes) 100% Spectrum Piano.

"Shapeshifter" - Doug Blackley - Acoustic Synthesis in action
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Vanishing Evocations features  over 45  minutes of

melodic yet meditative music featuring the new acoustic sound of the Spectrum Piano.

What is the Spectrum Piano?

Doug Blackley explains

The Spectrum Piano is a new acoustic instrument that uses controlled natural magnetic force to vibrate the strings of a grand piano.  This new instrument, like the piano, is a fully acoustic instrument (using no speakers) but has the sonic power and capabilities normally found only in pipe organs and synthesizers.

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